The Week Club

The Week Club

Nightlife in Sao Paulo


The Week Group has born in September 2004 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With branch also in the city of Rio de Janeiro the brand The Week is more than a nightclub – it’s a host to a lifestyle. Known for its huge parties and modern infrastructure the club has become a reference in how to throw a party. The Week is also famous for organizing big festivals such as Eterna Festival which takes place during Sao Paulo gay pride event in June, the club’s annual anniversary in September, the water park event Acquaplay and Carnaval in Rio and Florianopolis to name a few. If you come to Brazil, you must come to The Week. It is a complete experience. It is a Perfect Universe.


Jun 03, 2018

Fun place

Great place to be, entrance and place is not the cheapest (50R$) but it's worth it, huge main dance floor with house/techno music, smaller pop dance floor, great selection of cocktails and place very well organised, besides... A lot of hot guys inside ;)

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